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The perfect photo editing computer

I just recently bought a new computer. I was using OS X at home for the last 13 years without owning a single Windows computer. Anyhow, my requirements increased when I did start video editing using  Adobe Premiere Pro.

Meanwhile it simply does not make sense anymore to use a Mac at home , Macs are way overpriced when there’s CPU and DISK Power required. The Mac Pro configured with similiar settings (without a 12TB RAID5 in addition to the 1TB SSD) costs twice as much, I love to work with OS X but not with this price tag on it.

What were my key requirements?

I need a machine which is as silent as a possible, I simply don’t wanna hear anything from the work horse. Furthermore I do want to have a fast harddisk for the fist step in editing and a RAID 5 with 12 TB for my archive.
I want both disks to be backed up for a reasonable price.

The components

I buy all my stuff here :, not because it’s the cheapest shop but because nothing comes even close once it comes to after sales service.

  1. 1 x ASUS PRIME H270-PRO, ATX, LGA1151
  2. 1 x Cooler be quiet! Pure Rock
  3. 1 x Power Supply be quiet! Power Zone, 750W
  4. 1 x be quiet Dark Base Pro 900 orange
  5. 1 x SSD Samsung 960 EVO, 1TB, M.2 2280
  6. 1 x Manhattan Card Reader 60 in 1, int. 3.5″
  7. 1 x ASUS DVDRW 24x SATA bulk black
  8. 1 x Gainward GTX1050 Ti, 4GB GDDR5
  9. 2 x HyperX Predator DDR4 16GB 2400MHz, CL12
  10. 1 x CPU Intel Quad Core i7-7700K/4200 Kaby-S
  11. 3 x HD Seagate Enterprise Capacity HDD 6TB 3.5″

The Backup

As crashplan leaves the home user market I decided to use Backblaze, the only drawback compared to crashplan is the fact there’s no immediate restore (also no in place restore). Once a restore is requested the zip will be built in the background and as soon as it’s ready an email is sent.

I do backup all my drives, and every sunday I write a system image to drive E (the RAID) which is also saved to Backblaze.

Soon there’ll be a detailed description of the adobe lightroom workflow which includes the perfect setup to work with OS X and Windows together.

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