Setting up bind DNS server for local domain and forwarder

This post will cover the setup of a bind server within the local network. It will resolve my.homezone locally on the bind server and forward all other requests to the google dns servers.

network =
bind server ip =
webserver ip =
local domain : my.homezone

Bind Installation

$ sudo apt-get update [ENTER]
$ sudo apt-get install bind9 bind9utils bind9-doc [ENTER]


$ sudo vi /etc/bind/named.conf.options [ENTER]

Now we will define the clients allowed to query the bind server, to do so add the following (1st line).

acl trusted{

Now we have to define the forwarders within the options configuration.

recursion yes;
allow-query {trusted;};
allow-recursion {trusted;};
listen-on {;};
allow-transfer {none;};

save the file
now we check the config

$ named-checkconf [ENTER]

In case there’s no errors we can proceed.

Our zonefile  “my.homezone”

$ sudo vi /etc/bind/named.conf.local [ENTER]

add the zone as followed

zone "my.homezone" {

type "master";
file "/etc/bind/zones/my.homezone";


Now we have to create the zonefile :

$ cd /etc/bind/zones [ENTER]
$ sudo cp ../db.local ./my.homezone [ENTER]
$ sudo vi my.homezone [ENTER]

Your file shall look similiar to this one :

@   IN      SOA (
                              5         ; Serial
                         604800         ; Refresh
                          86400         ; Retry
                        2419200         ; Expire
                         604800 )       ; Negative Cache TTL

; Name servers
my.homezone.    IN      NS             IN      A

; Other A records
; Web Server             IN      A

Does the webserver resolve

$ host [ENTER]

should return has adress


Finally we have to make sure it also works on reboot. Ubuntu tends to overwrite /etc/resolv.conf. We need to install resolvconf to prevent the system from overwriting the configuration on boot.

$ sudo apt-get install resolvconf
$ sudo vi /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head

add the following entries to the file

search my.homezone

Check our settings

$ named-checkconf [ENTER]
$ named-checkzone my.homezone /etc/bind/zones/my.homezone

Now reboot and check if server resolves internal zone after boot.

In case there’s no errors you have successfully setup a bind server with your own domain. Congratulations.


I’m selling my app domain :
I think the name is quite good for a wide range of projects.

photographie simplify

Photographer Workflow

I just recently got asked by a photographer to optimize the workflow.

The hardware used is :
1 Macbook Pro
1 NAS Synology 416 (4×4 TB)
4 x 4 TB USB Disks
1 Nikon D5
1 Nikon D750
1 Nikon D4

The software used is :
1 Lightroom CC Classic
1 Photoshop CC
1 Backblaze Backup Agent

Requirements :
– Eliminate the risk of data loss as good as possible
– Provide access to all assets even on the road
– Improve the process of searching / finding assets
– Keep costs low
– Keep manual low
– Process should also work once multiple photographers are working together

The solution:
– On the working machine (macbook pro) there’s multiple lightroom catalogs (archive and one catalog for each unfinished shooting)
– The archive catalog contains all shootings considered done (files sent to customer)
– A catalog for each unfinished shooting is required as we merge the catalogs into archive, this is way easier with individual catalogs
– The photographer always has a USB disk in the field, once the shooting is done the files are copied to the macbook pro and from there to the USB disk, if internet is available the backblaze agent is sending the files to the cloud over night (so raw files are on the camera flash, on the macbook pro, on the usb disk and best case on the cloud backup solution the day after the shooting)
– Once the photographer is home again, the lightroom archive catalog and the catalogs of the finished shootings are merged, the files are then copied (ONLY VIA LIGHTROOOM) to the NAS.
– The NAS is backed up to the USB disks once a week, the disks are stored in a secure location

Using this approach its very unlikely to lose data, even on the road the data is relatively save. Via cloud solution it’s possible to access all files at any given time in case there’s a internet connection available.

Keywording :

In order to save time in re-sending files to customers  (one of the main tasks as I learned), we applied a very strict keywording concept.

  • Customer Name
  • Customers Project Name
  • Location
  • Date
  • Event Type
  • Private or Business
  • Final (only for files sent to customer)

This allows lightroom search queries like : wedding peter weggis final
This reduced the effort to resend files from minutes or hours to seconds.


Parts of a website link

I was searching for a visualization of the pats involved in a web link. I did not come across a picture covering all the terms I see as relevant.
The picture below is a screenshot of a Google Document Table, I apologize to not have a more professional visualization but it was sufficient for my needs.
It explains what a web link consists of by listing everything which could be used together with a website, in this particular case URl, URI, URN, Host, Domain, TLD, Port, Resource Path, File, Querystring Parameter and Fragment Identifier.

build it myself

The perfect photo editing computer

I just recently bought a new computer. I was using OS X at home for the last 13 years without owning a single Windows computer. Anyhow, my requirements increased when I did start video editing using  Adobe Premiere Pro.


Image previews do not work anymore on OS X

First make sure image previews are active click on the desktop then CMD+J then ensure preview is enabled. Is this the case the following might help.

In case the image previews on OS X are not working anymore (only generic icons are shown) it might help to open the terminal and to execute :

rm /Users/{your user}/Library/Preferences/;killall Finder

This actually also helped me once Adobe Premiere Pro didn’t startup anymore (loaded like forever).


Howto Install SSH on Ubuntu

First of all make sure your ubuntu is up to date by executing the following commands.

sudo apt-get update;apt-get upgrade [ENTER]

then install the ssh server


Google Trips

I’m to lazy to add reservations manually to Google Trips.  I tried to fake hotel confirmation emails and it really works pretty good with just these information :

Title : Your hotel reservation
Detailed hotel address including phone number and web address.
check in : (check in date)
check out : (check out date)

Thank you very much for your reservation we are looking forward to welcome you.

Kind regards

fake hotel



Google Spreadsheet : Pivot created manually

This Spreadsheet will contain all my examples, the first one is a Pivot based on Region and Turnover with the Areas of Business which require attention (where we actually lose money) marked red using conditional formatting.

Current Example in Spreadsheet:  “Region / Category”.
The advantage of manual pivots from my point of view is the fact the query could be adjusted and it stays dynamic as when we use UI pivots and change the filter new values are filtered out automatically.



Chai Konzentrat

Ab und zu braucht es einfach etwas süsses. Ich bevorzuge Dinge selber zu machen, darum hier mein Rezept um ein Chai Konzentrat herzustellen das zumindest dem von Starbucks sehr nahe kommt.